Insurance for Wi-Fi Equipment

Why Not Internet Services are now able to insure your Internet equipment for less than R50pm. You can sign up and choose whether you want to insure all the equipment or maybe just that items that is important to you.

We offer this product exclusive to our customers and it will cover the following:

  • Any weather related damage to your equipment
  • Any electricity related damage to your equipment
  • Call-outs will also be covered under this insurance
  • There won’t be any access payable accept if you join us with equipment that was not supplied by Why Not, and that also will only be payable in the waiting period.
  • Any customer of Why Not Internet Services can join and sign up for this this value added product.
  • There also won’t be any premium increases within the first 5 years and there won’t be any limits on the amount of claims.

Items that you can add to the insurance will be the following:

  • Dish (Outdoor unit) – Compulsory
  • Router (Indoor unit)
  • POE
  • Pole
  • Bracket
  • Raw Bolts
  • Network Cable
  • RJ45 Connectors

This product will give you peace of mind in bad weather situations or load shedding and power fluctuations.

Please contact us to join, or join our website and ask for a free quotation.

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